Alliance Councils

Our work is propelled, elevated, and supported by some of the most respected experts and leaders in the world.

Councils of Experts

Our Councils include the preeminent leaders in decision science, psychology, education, economics, business, and behavioral science. Their expertise guides our work and their voices raise the need for and benefits of Decision Education, helping build a broad understanding of why teaching Decision Education in schools can transform society and tomorrow.

Advisory Council

  • Daniel Kahneman, Ph.D.

    Nobel Prize Winner, Author of Thinking, Fast and Slow, and the World's Authority on Cognitive Biases

  • Richard Thaler, Ph.D.

    Nobel Prize Winner, Global Best-selling Author, and Expert on the Psychology of Decision-making

  • Carl Wieman, Ph.D.

    Nobel Prize Winner, Professor of Physics and of Education

  • Ali E. Abbas, Ph.D.

    Expert on Decision and Risk Analysis, Author, and Professor of Engineering

  • Barbara Mellers, Ph.D.

    Globally Influential Scholar of Decision-making, and Award-winning Psychology Professor at the University of Pennsylvania

  • Barbara Tversky, Ph.D.

    Professor of Psychology at Stanford and Columbia, Drove Breakthroughs in Cognitive Psychology

  • Baruch Fischhoff, Ph.D.

    Professor of Public Policy and Strategy, and Expert on Large-Scale Risk Analysis

  • Garry Kasparov

    World Chess Champion, Author, and Expert on Strategy and Decision-Making

  • James F. Leckman, Ph.D.

    Yale Professor of Child Psychiatry, Psychology, and Pediatrics, Repeatedly Named a “Best Doctor in America”

  • Johannes Siebert, Ph.D.

    Professor of Decision Sciences with a Ph.D. in Multicriteria Decision-Making

  • Katherine L. Milkman, Ph.D.

    Behavioral Scientist, Wharton Professor, and Co-Director of the Behavior Change for Good Initiative

  • Michael J. Mauboussin

    Global Financial Strategist, Columbia Business School Professor, Author, and Expert at Predictive Analyses

  • Paul Slovic, Ph.D.

    Founder of Decision Research, Former Head of Society of Risk Analysis, and Psychology Professor

  • Phil Tetlock, Ph.D.

    Professor, Author, and Expert Focused on Psychology, Political Science, Organizational Behavior, Forecasting, and Probability

  • Ruth Cohen

    Expert in Experience Management and Nonprofit Leadership

Education Advisory Council

  • Angela McIver, Ph.D.

    Trapezium Math Founder, Member of Board of the After School Activities Partnership, Former Philadelphia School Board Member

  • Mark Hoffman, Ed.D.

    Executive Director of the Bucks County Intermediate Unit

  • Marquitta Speller, Ed.D.

    Chief Academic Officer at Excellence Community Schools, CEO of Ivy Learning Services, Adjunct Professor at Columbia University and the College of Staten Island

Ambassador Council

  • Brian Portnoy, Ph.D.

    Educator, Writer, and Investor Widely Recognized for Driving Better Investment Decisions 

  • Christine Benz

    Director of Personal Finance at Morningstar, Author, Host of The Long View Podcast

  • David McRaney

    Science Journalist, Author, and Host of the You Are Not So Smart Podcast.

  • Don Mahoney

    First Vice President of Investments for UBS Financial Services, Inc.

  • Jennifer Lerner, Ph.D

    Professor of Public Policy, Management, and Decision Science

  • Michael Lombardi

    Former NFL GM, Three-Time Super Bowl Winner, Author, Speaker, and Host of the GM Shuffle Podcast

  • Ted Seides

    Leading Financial Advisor, Investor, Author, and Host of the acclaimed Capital Allocators podcast

  • Ty Findley

    Managing Partner at Ironspring Ventures, Investor, Former Design Engineer, and Kauffman Fellow

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