The Decision Education Fellowship

A Community for Teachers to Collaborate and Bring Decision Education to Their Students.

Teachers from all over the country, working collaboratively for their students.

Each year, the Alliance invites teachers from across the countryall schools, grades, and subject areasto apply for a Decision Education Fellowship that enables them to work collaboratively as part of a cohort, and independently to build skills that will shape their students’ lives.

The Alliance offers two levels of the Fellowship: one level for teachers interested in learning about Decision Education, and an advanced level for teachers who have already completed one Fellowship, or have experience teaching decision-making skills.

The year-long Fellowship aims to:

Enable teachers to learn about the Domains within Decision Education by working with Alliance and Decision Science experts.

Create on-going collaboration as a cohort where teachers share ideas, classroom activities, best practices, and suggestions on how to make Decision Education part of every student’s learning experience.

Implement classroom activities and reflect on student learning with other teachers in the fellowship.

Capture results from their classrooms to share with the Alliance as well as current, past, and future Fellows.

Teachers in the Fellowship receive a stipend, supported by the generosity and passion of Alliance donors.

What Fellows are saying about the experience:

  • Now that I have a better sense of all of the aspects of decision-making, I can both make better decisions about my students’ education and also teach them to make better decisions.

    Raghida Sharif, High School Science Teacher

  • Because of this fellowship, I now have tools to share with my students that empower them to think through how they might make those better decisions

    Acelynn Perkins, Middle School Social Studies Teacher

  • An increase in my own decision-making confidence has empowered me to make better decisions in my teaching practice

    Topher Bigelow, High School English Language Arts Teacher

  • I'm super-excited to include these decision-making skills into future lessons and assessments. I believe that the decision-making skills will engage my students and make learning feel more relevant.

    Martin Gilbert, High School Social Studies Teacher

  • I appreciated the opportunity to collaborate with other educators and learn from their ideas and insights.

    Joanne Calder, Middle School General Education Teacher

  • Participating in the Decision Education Fellowship transformed the way I engaged with my students. My students were empowered to think critically and make decisions in our classroom.

    Tiffany White, High School Math Teacher