Your voice and support can transform students’ lives.

How you can help

We know our mission is powerful, and that the benefits can be life changing—for the students in our lives and for those who one day will shape our communities, country, and world. We also know that this is a movement that requires tremendous support from so many areas. We need to raise awareness, create demand, and enable adoption. Everyone is in a position to help, as each of us has special gifts that can make a difference.

10 top movement-building actions

Help us build and expand our movement by supporting 1 or all 10 of the following actions to make Decision Education part of every K-12 student’s learning experience

1. Learn and tell others about the need for Decision Education

We know that awareness builds engagement.

The more people who know about and share the need for Decision Education, the faster we can build the momentum needed to make this available to all students.

2. Follow us, and share your own posts about us on social media

The more people who know about Decision Education, the more voices we will gather calling for its adoption in schools.

Tag @AllDecisionEd and include the #DecisionEducation with your social media posts.

Come join the conversation:

3. Join our newsletter list

Sign up to stay in touch with the Alliance.

Learn more about Decision Education, our progress, and how decision-making skills can impact daily life.

4. Subscribe to and share our Decision Education Podcast

Featuring leading experts who share practical ways to improve decision skills, our podcast is aimed to engage.

Share episodes you love (which will be all of them) with your social networks to help raise awareness and build support.

5. Share with Educators

The Alliance offers a host of opportunities for educators, including a Teacher Fellowship, school grants, classroom resources, unit and lesson plans, professional development, and more. Help us raise awareness and engagement by sharing our resources with a teacher, principal, or educator.

6. Write to your school and state leaders in support of Decision Education

Reach out directly to your State Superintendent and State Department of Education.

You can find contact information for your state below.

7. Connect us to others who can help

Do you know someone who can help us advance our mission? A passionate and influential educator, a legislator, a social media influencer, or a prospective donor? Maybe a teacher, school, or program is already working to advance students’ decision-making skills?

Let us know. Or, ask them to connect with us.

8. Attend an Alliance event

The Alliance hosts a series of events throughout the year, all aimed at building connections, understanding, and support.

Join us and bring your friends.

9. Share your ideas; volunteer your help

Do you have any other ideas about how we can achieve our mission?

If you are interested in getting even more involved in the work of the Alliance, we are gathering like-minded people to further grow and energize the Decision Education community.

Find out more by emailing us.

10. Sign our pledge and share on social media

Show your support for the mission by signing our pledge.

The more names we gather, the more we can showcase the growing call for Decision Education to be added into the classroom.

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