The Decision Education Incubator

Empowering school communities to implement Decision Education.

Building Instructional Models that are Impactful, Scalable, Sustainable

The Decision Education Incubator is a fully funded opportunity for schools to design and pilot new instructional models that can be scaled nationally.

Each of our 18-month Incubators focuses on a different topic—from college and career planning to strengthening media literacy skills. Teams admitted into each Incubator join a cohort of their peers to support one another as they explore the variety of ways in which Decision Education can be incorporated into K-12 schools to build students’ decision-making skills and dispositions.

The Decision Education Incubator aims to:

Impact the way students make decisions.

Educate and inspire school communities to implement Decision Education.

Build the movement and define the impact of Decision Education.

Design instructional models that can be adapted and scaled nationally.

Our Decision Education Incubator Initiatives:

The College & Career Decision-Making Incubator for High Schools

Working with high schools to design and implement Decision Education models to help students prepare for life after graduation.

Exploring Decision-Making through Media Literacy

Collaborating with middle schools to strengthen students’ decision-making skills and dispositions in a rapidly shifting media environment.

How the Decision Education Incubators Work:

I believe Decision Education will give all of our students a chance to learn how to make reflective, informed decisions, and will help them develop these necessary skills and dispositions that they will need in their everyday lives, in college, or in their future career.

Megan Hugg
Assistant Principal, Linovia Middle/High School

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