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  • Parenting and Decision Education: Stories from Alliance Staff

    Alliance staff members share their stories of how they used the weight-and-rate tool to make decisions as a family.

  • Alliance for Decision Education Recognized as One of The NonProfit Times’ Best Nonprofits to Work For

    The Alliance announces that it has been recently named one of the 2024 Best Nonprofits to Work For by the The NonProfit Times.

  • Enhancing Decision-Making by Shifting Our Perspective on Self

    Alliance Co-Founder Eric Brooks shares his strategy of mentally separating past and present selves to improve his overall decision-making.

  • 2024 Decision Education Incubator Retreat

    Teachers from across the country gathered at the 2024 Decision Education Incubator Network Retreat to talk about grade-level initiatives designed to bring Decision Education and media literacy into their schools.

  • Alliance for Decision Education Secures $12.5M in Funding to Expand Decision Education Research

    The Alliance announces a major philanthropic investment to advance research on Decision Education.

  • Decision Education Teacher Fellows Joanne Calder, Cassandra Ogbevire, Mary Messer share stories from their own experiences embedding Decision Education concepts into instruction.

    Why Teachers Believe in Decision Education

    Hear from three of our Decision Education Teacher Fellows on why they believe in the importance of bringing Decision Education to their students.

  • A Decision-Making Process

    Some decisions, like dinner choices, need little thought. But for matters impacting health, family, career, or society, a structured decision process is crucial. Learn the eight steps to enhance decision-making in your life.

  • Looking Ahead to 2024

    In 2024, we're building a national movement for Decision Education in K-12 by establishing our public policy, expanding our research efforts, and engaging the workforce to support our mission. Join us in shaping a future where Decision Education is a fundamental part of every student's learning experience!

  • Conference Roundup

    Staff from the Alliance attended several conferences to expand its reach, connecting with educators, policymakers, and media literacy leaders to empower students for the future.

  • 2023 Year-in-Review

    Explore the Alliance's impactful 2023 Year-in-Review, showcasing strides in Decision Education. From K-12 standards to podcasts, we celebrate growth, partnerships, and a commitment to empowering students.

  • Teachers engage in a discussion during an event.

    Decision-Making Tools in the Workplace: Postmortems

    In this edition of our "Decision-Making Tools in the Workplace" blog post series, learn more about how we conduct postmortems on our projects and initiatives.

  • Why I Give: An Interview with Alliance Board Member Simon Hallett

    Simon Hallett and his wife, Jane, are generous supporters of the Alliance’s mission. In the following Q&A session, Simon shares their reasons for getting involved.

  • Empowering Youth through Decision Education: The KLUGentscheiden! Initiative in Germany

    Alliance for Decision Education Advisory Council member Professor Johannes Siebert of the Management Center Innsbruck is currently spearheading an initiative to help German high school students make decisions about their careers and educational paths after graduation.

  • Decision Education Research Scholarship Award Recipient Profiles

    In May of this year, we celebrated the graduate student recipients of the Decision Education Research Scholarship Award. Over the course of eight months, graduate students from universities worldwide submitted research papers that demonstrated interest and relevance in the field of Decision Education. 

  • How Skills Found in Decision Education and Media Literacy Empower Students

    We’re passionate about ensuring that Decision Education is a part of every student’s learning experience. Through Decision Education, students gain a variety of real-world skills—which include some of the same skills emphasized through media literacy. Learn more.

  • Student Forecasting Tournaments: A Gamified DE Learning Experience

    For the 2022–2023 school year, the Alliance hosted the Student Forecasting Tournament to improve students’ decision-making skills by practicing forecasting. Find out more.

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