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For five years the Alliance for Decision Education has been at the forefront of Decision Education by creating award-winning programs aimed at improving students’ Decision Skills. We have helped thousands of students and educators identify their goals, regulate their emotions in times of stress, think probabilistically, and recognize and resist cognitive biases.

Our new blog represents another step in our effort to ensure Decision Education is part of every middle and high school student's learning experience. We hope our blog will become the meeting place for open, honest, informative and engaging conversations that will educate our readers and help develop the field of Decision Education.

We will provide Decision Education tips and resources to help students, teachers, and parents better understand how improving decision skills can improve lives. We will amplify and celebrate Decision Education efforts from around the world, discuss decision skills and concepts and debate how we can make Decision Education a reality for the next generation of students. 

If you are interested in contributing, or have an idea or topic you want us to write about please reach out to us at

School Initiatives Going Nowhere Fast? Try Premortems.

October 18, 2019

Want to stop the cycle of initiative fatigue? Ask your administrators to work with teachers to conduct premortems.

teacher burnout

Prevent Teacher Burnout with Decision Skills

September 30, 2019

Although there’s no way to avoid an enormous workload as a new teacher, strong decision skills can make it easier to cope. 

decision making tips

Get Up to Speed About Better Decision Making with These 5 Essential Articles

September 23, 2019

To get a primer on making better decisions in your personal and professional life, read these essential articles and share them with your colleagues as you start the conversation about introducing Decision Education at your school.

classroom culture

3 Ways to Improve Your Classroom Culture This Year with Decision Education

September 12, 2019

No matter what you teach, integrating these simple tips from Decision Education into your everyday classroom culture can improve your students’ study skills and cooperation with one another in ways that will continue to be useful to them in post-... Read more

Decision Education Eases the High School Transition

September 5, 2019

Decision skills can help incoming freshmen deal with the new demands in their social lives, schedules, and academics.

Fine-Tune Your Time Management This Year with Affective Forecasting

August 27, 2019

Affective forecasting can improve three sneaky time mismanagements that plague even the most conscientious teachers. 

blog post thumbnail

How We Got Over 6,000 Students Interested in Decision Education

August 12, 2019

Teaching Decision Education doesn’t require you to toss out your existing lesson plans or tell students what’s “right.”

Guest Post: Helping K-12 Students Make Better Choices

July 12, 2019

Delta School District in British Columbia explores possibilities for systemic changes in students’ individual and collective choice-making skills.

student presenting in front of the class

Introducing Our Decision Education Blog

July 12, 2019

Join us in the movement to make Decision Education a regular part of the curriculum.

How I Decide is now Alliance for Decision Education

How We Decided: Why We Changed Our Name and the Process We Followed

July 11, 2019

The same decision making skills we teach to students helped us through our name change process. 

Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching & Learning

For Better Life Outcomes, Integrate SEL with Decision-Making Strategies

July 10, 2019

The basic literacy and numeracy skills we learn in school are essential, but as the skills needed to navigate life in the digital age evolve, it will take more.



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