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  • Sam and Ali Barnett: Why We Support the Alliance

    Sam and Ali Barnett believe in personally taking action to help others in any way they can. This guidepost directs much of the Chicago couple’s personal and professional lives.

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  • Sponsorship Spotlight: First Round Capital

    The Alliance is thrilled to have the support of First Round Capital as a Presenting Sponsor of our Virtual Poker Tournament—our featured fundraiser this year. Our mission to empower K-12 students with essential decision-making skills and dispositions is undoubtedly strengthened by First Round’s generosity.

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  • Vare Washington

    Nearly 98% of the elementary students at Vare-Washington School in Philadelphia live below the poverty line...

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  • Can Forecasting Competitions Advance Decision Education?

    Will Top Gun: Maverick reach or exceed $45 million in revenue in its first weekend? Will Volodymyr Zelensky flee Ukraine or cease to be its president before May 25, 2022? What songs will rank highest on the Billboard Hot 100 for the week of May, 21 2022?

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  • Teachers Leading the Way

    For years, in classrooms across the country, a handful of teachers have taught some decision-making skills to their students. The Alliance for Decision Education is working to spread that work to every U.S. school, so that all students benefit from learning the powerful and life-long skills necessary to make improved decisions.

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  • Your Questions, Their Answers: An “Exclusive Conversation” with Daniel Kahneman and Annie Duke

    When we brought Annie and Danny together recently for a talk about all things decision-making and Danny’s new book, “Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgment,” we knew interest would be high. We did not, however, expect the sheer number of questions this would...

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  • Larry Connor of The Connor Group Takes His Mission to Space

    We want to congratulate Larry Connor, founder and managing partner of The Connor Group, on a safe return from his 17-day, Axiom-1 space mission.

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  • Children and Conspiracy Theories

    Prevailing thought is to not think about it, as we prefer to associate such flights of mental fancy with adults. But are children vulnerable to conspiracy theories? What is the impact, and how can we help?

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  • If you could give your child one gift, what would it be?

    At the Alliance, we passionately believe that every child should be given the gift of knowing how to make a good decision. “I want children to know that with every decision, they have agency.

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  • Eight Top Takeaways from the book Superforecasting

    As a team, all of us at the Alliance read Superforecasting, the acclaimed book co-authored by our Advisory Council Member, Phil Tetlock, and and Dan Garnder. If you don’t know the premise, it is about ordinary people challenged with trying to forecast...

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  • Nobel Laureate Richard Thaler Joins Alliance Advisory Council

    The Alliance for Decision Education has added Nobel Prize Winner Richard Thaler to its growing list of distinguished leaders working to have decision-making skills taught to students K-12 in all U.S. schools. Thaler, the global best-selling author, and...

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  • Celebrating the Season with a Sincere ‘Thank You!’

    In the spirit of the season, we are sharing our November newsletter with a warm thank you.

    As deeply as we understand the criticality of our […]

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