Bringing Decision Education into the Classroom

Our aim is to support and unite all teachers who share the belief that by teaching decision-making skills we can make every student better prepared for today and tomorrow.

Our work is focused on sharing information and resources needed by educators, schools, districts, families, and organizations to bring Decision Education into their classrooms.

We know that the impact of including Decision Education is both tremendous and lasting. We believe Decision Education should be a part of every student’s learning experience—to give them the skills and dispositions to determine for themselves what is true and what to do in all aspects of their lives.

By working with other organizations, educators, and decision science and field experts, we offer different types of resources, with the commitment to continuing to expand and grow our support of your work. We also welcome your contributions and suggestions.

Wherever you are in your journey with Decision Education, we can help…

Teaching Resources

Find age-appropriate units and lesson plans for all subjects aimed at building skills in each of the Four Domains of Decision Education, along with teacher resources, tips, and details on Decision Education K-12 Learning Standards.

Decision Education Teacher Fellowship

The Decision Education Teacher Fellowship seeks to build a professional learning community of educators excited to learn about Decision Education and include it in their schools. This flagship initiative allows us to support early adopters in their implementation of Decision Education in classrooms across the country.

Decision Education K-12 Learning Standards

We are proud to publish the first edition of the Decision Education K-12 Learning Standards. Written by educators and researchers, they represent the movement’s first best effort to provide a framework for what K-12 students should know and be able to do, with respect to learning how to be effective decision makers.

Decision Education Incubator

The Decision Education Incubator is a fully funded opportunity for schools to design and pilot new instructional models that can be scaled nationally.

Student Forecasting Tournaments

Our Student Forecasting Tournaments offer exciting, gamified learning opportunities for high school students to discover how to make predictions about future events and improve their decision-making skills.

Education Impact Report

Our Education Impact Report presents the vision, accomplishments, and key learnings from our educational initiatives over the 2022–2023 school year.

We now go beyond just memorizing facts, and get into real issues and deep topics that foster discussion and analysis. It is a whole other level of learning that I hadn’t done as much in my classroom prior.

I have never seen such motivation and engagement.

Joanne Calder
British Columbia Middle School Teacher

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