Strategic Plan

How we are working across many fronts to make our shared vision a reality.

Planning and Working to Build a Movement

In our commitment to large-scale impact, the Alliance for Decision Education is building a national movement to establish and integrate Decision Education into the K-12 systems of all 50 states.

To achieve this, the Alliance will act as a Field Builder (and catalyst) to align organizations and individuals toward this common goal. A field is a community of organizations and individuals who work together towards a common goal and use a set of common approaches to achieve that goal. Field members can include K-12 educators, education leaders, parents, funders, business leaders, researchers, advocacy organizations, policymakers, etc.

The social change on the scale we envision requires strategic planning, powerful partnerships, and excellence in execution.

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We want children to know that with every decision, they have agency. And we want them to seek out decisions as opportunities to improve their lives, to treat those decisions as a way to pull different futures into the present.

Joseph E. Sweeney Ed.D.,
Alliance Executive Director

What if you could improve your decision-making by just 5%?

We would see dramatic improvement in everything we care about.

Alliance Executive Director Joseph E. Sweeney, Ed.D., talks about the reasons for and value of Decision Education—today and tomorrow, for students and society.

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