The Decision Education Teacher Fellowship Level 3

Open to Teacher Fellows who have completed Levels 1 and 2 of the Fellowship.

About the Decision Education Teacher Fellowship

The Decision Education Teacher Fellowship brings together teachers from across the country to learn about Decision Education and implement new practices and activities with their students throughout the school year.

Decision Education Teacher Fellows help expand the field of Decision Education through their own continued learning, collaboration, and amplification of the importance of teaching students decision-making skills.

In addition to a $5,000 stipend, Teacher Fellows also become part of a professional learning community of educators who are excited to learn about Decision Education, feel passionate about its inclusion in schools, and want to help us study its impact on students.


For the 2023-2024 school year, The Alliance is pleased to offer our first Level 3 Fellowship. Level 3 Teacher Fellows will not follow a cycle structure, and will meet on Zoom much less frequently than Levels 1 and 2, but will be expected to devote about 5-7 hours per month on Fellowship work.

The application for the 2023-2024 Level 3 Decision Education Teacher Fellowship is closed.

What Do Level 3 Teacher Fellows do?

Level 3 Teacher Fellows will be in the unique position of helping us grow the field of Decision Education in one of two ways outlined below. Level 3 Fellows will:

  • Receive a $5,000 stipend paid over the course of the school year.
  • Attend a three-day, in-person Orientation from August 2-4, 2023 in Philadelphia (Travel and accommodation paid for by the Alliance) to welcome new Teacher Fellows, share past experiences as Teacher Fellows, and collaborate with Alliance staff to shape their fellowship focus for the year.
  • Option 1: Work with the Alliance to develop and then lead professional learning experiences for other teachers in their school, network and/or district (This requires the Teacher Fellows’ schools or districts to endorse and provide opportunities for the Teacher Fellows to lead PD).
  • Option 2: Work with the Alliance to develop platform-based and Standards-aligned Decision Education curriculum for students (This requires that Teacher Fellows have a working knowledge of K-12 Decision Education Learning Standards, as well as curriculum writing skills).


You are eligible to apply for the Level 3 Fellowship if, in the fall of 2023, you fulfill all of the following requirements:

  • You will be a middle or high school teacher in a district, charter, or independent school and teach a core subject for at least 50% of your schedule (though you may have administrative, coaching, or leadership responsibilities, as well)
  • You have completed both a Level 1 and Level 2 Decision Education Fellowship.
  • You have the interest, skills, and authority to facilitate Decision Education workshops for your school-based colleagues during your school’s professional development time, at least three times during the school year. Or you have the interest and skills to develop student-facing Decision Education curriculum materials in collaboration with the Alliance throughout the school year.
  • You are able to attend a three-day, in-person Orientation from August 2-4, 2023 in Philadelphia (The Alliance will pay for your travel and accommodation).

Additional Fellowship Information

Teacher Fellows Criteria

  • Professional Growth: Teachers seek to learn about Decision Education—both for themselves, as well as for their students.
  • Teaching Practice: Teachers seek to apply their knowledge of Decision Education to their classroom practice with students. 
  • School Community: Teachers have the freedom to implement new classroom activities and lessons with their students throughout the year.
  • Fellowship Community: Teachers seek to be part of a professional community, sharing their experience and expertise; and exploring areas of growth with other Teacher Fellows in their cohort.

Application Process

  1. Review our website to learn more about Decision Education and the Fellowship requirements.
  2. Submit your application.
  3. The Alliance will review applications, ensure endorsements have been received, and then notify all applicants no later than June 14, 2023.

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