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  • Applications for Thinking Probabilistically

  • Seeing Problems as Opportunities

    When students view decisions as opportunities, rather than as problems to solve, they are better able to exercise agency over the decisions in their lives, and can tackle decisions proactively, rather than reactively. This lesson introduces young people to the idea that sometimes a decision may hold possibilities that they hadn’t considered.

  • Exploring Books on Decision-Making

    The following is a list of some of the top books on the subject, along with a short blurb about each, and additional resources to consider if you don’t have the immediate time to read cover-to-cover.

  • Using a Weight-and-Rate Tool

    Often, we move to make a decision before really thinking about what matters most to us. This is where a weight-and-rate tool can help.

  • Conducting a Premortem

    A premortem is a tool used in business for decades to help deliver stronger results. It drives teams to anticipate failure, then take steps to prevent it.

  • Conducting a Postmortem

    A decision postmortem looks back after the fact, to reflect on what worked and didn’t work as a way to enable future improvement.

  • Keeping A Decision Journal

    A Decision Journal is a personal record of your more significant decisions. It enables you to record and reflect on key elements of the decisions you make, with the aim of improving your decision-making.

  • Using A Decision Tree to Drive a Decision

    A decision tree is a diagram representing the series of possible options and next steps as you work your way through a decision.

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