We are a team of dedicated professionals, driven by a mission.

Executive Office

  • Adriana Massara

    Interim Executive Director

  • Michelle Milewski

    Executive Assistant

  • Ramin Mohajer

    Director of Organizational Development

The Team

  • Abby Sheffer

    Education Senior Manager

  • Ali Stumacher

    Education Senior Manager

  • Bridget Kehoe

    Operations Manager

  • Carol DeLoatch

    Events Manager

  • Charles Cassidy

    Deputy Director of Community and Partnerships

  • Connie Murphy

    Director of Philanthropy

  • Dan Donaldson

    Creative and Design Manager

  • David Bruno

    Teacher Engagement Manager

  • De’Breon Bailey

    Education Senior Associate

  • Duane Brozek

    Public Relations Senior Manager

  • Grace Abrahams

    Community and Partnerships Manager

  • Hannah Diamond

    Research Associate

  • Jen Galligan

    Communications Senior Manager

  • Jenna Gray

    Communications Senior Associate

  • Jennifer Phan

    Human Resources Associate

  • Jinsol Lee

    Deputy Director of Research

  • Joslynn Greer

    Administrative Assistant

  • Joy Pansari

    Impact and Evaluation Manager

  • Karina Hernandez

    Education Associate

  • Madeline Anderson

    Research Senior Associate

  • Mary Call-Blanusa

    Director of Public Policy

  • Megan Roberts

    Director of Education

  • Mike DiStanisloa

    Deputy Director of Human Resources

  • Pat Winner

    Director of Operations

  • Rafi Moreen

    Development Manager

  • Ramon Vaughan

    Philanthropic Partnerships Senior Manager

  • Tamur Cajoux

    Finance Senior Manager

  • Tatianna Plefka

    Community and Partnerships Senior Associate

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