Working Together to Amplify the Decision Education Movement

Expanding the reach of Decision Education into communities across the United States.

In our commitment to large-scale impact, we are building a national movement to establish and integrate Decision Education into the K-12 systems of all 50 states. We work with all types of organizations that value the importance of better decision-making skills and support our mission to bring Decision Education to classrooms across the country.

Meet Our Partners

Our partners represent diverse industries, including program providers, nonprofits, and professional associations. Learn more about their work.

Empowering people to build the world they want through interactive storytelling.

Engaging business leaders in improving the education-to-workforce pipeline.

CivXNow, a project of iCivics, has formed the nation’s largest cross-partisan coalition to fuel our constitutional democracy through K-12 civic education.

Offers more than 80 interactive learning modules on topics such as critical thinking, habit formation, personality, decision-making and behavior change.

Empowering all ages with whole-person decision making skills so that they can get clarity and take purposeful action.

Providing evidence-based, practical ways to combat misinformation and disinformation.

Helping organizations create more rigorous decision making processes with crowdsourced forecasting and other analytic techniques.

Advancing data science education so that every K-12 student is equipped with the data literacy skills they need to succeed.

Improving the lives of young people by empowering them with effective decision skills.

Strengthening individual and organizational capabilities for probabilistic forecasting to support better decisions around the world.

Brings modern social sciences, including decision education, into high school classrooms through engaging curriculum.

Empowering adolescents to develop decision-making skills and enabling them to make wise choices for their future after finishing school.

Media Literacy Now

Driving policy change to ensure all K-12 students are taught the skills to be healthy, confident, and competent media consumers.

Leading a movement of educators that have the skills and support to open their classrooms to viewpoint diversity and open inquiry.

Spreading the message widely that Americans are more similar across the political spectrum than we think, starting with secondary education


Uniting a community of educators committed to advancing media literacy education.

Formed in 2019, PA Civics is a nonpartisan coalition to support, promote, and expand civics education in Pennsylvania.

Provides 800+ free lessons and PD resources for integrating question-based, curriculum-driven, student-centered Constructivist Media Decoding throughout the curriculum.

School of Thought

Dedicated to promoting critical thinking, reason, and understanding, with free Creative Commons resources.

Scientific Thinking for All: A Toolkit

Introduces scientific critical thinking skills to secondary students in the context of real-world issues, culminating in realistic community decisions informed by science.

Sense & Sensibility & Science

Empowering undergraduates to use the thinking tools of science to make better decisions in an uncertain world.

The Society of Decision Professionals, the world forum on decision-making, is a group of like-minded people committed to making a great decision every time, in the realm of corporate decision-making, societal decision- making and personal or parental decision- making.

Helping educators increase their effectiveness and happiness through free, short, weekly newsletters on decision-making.

Helping educators unleash the critical thinking potential of ALL students through award-winning curriculum, professional development, & family resources.

Applying research-based processes for complex problem-solving and decision-making, TregoED leverages collaboration, stakeholder engagement, and data analytics to transform school communities.

Helping companies architect processes for effective decision making through a constantly evolving, community-driven collection of research-backed models and techniques.

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