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Be Part of a Growing Movement Calling for Decision Education

We know this can make a difference. We need your help to make it happen.

Driving change that can impact every student and help shape society calls for a national movement of diverse voices, collaborative organizations, and creative support.

We are working with families, teachers, principals, professionals, decision science experts, and leaders from all industries.

Join us to improve tomorrow for your children, all students, and society.


Help us deliver the most important gift of all.

At the Alliance for Decision Education, we think that the skill of making good decisions is the greatest gift we can provide to our children.

Please join us in ensuring that this is a gift we can give to all students, through their classrooms.

Your support will build the resources and research needed to put Decision Education into every classroom in the United States, enabling students to reach their personal potential.


You can help, in so many ways.

We cannot deliver on this critical mission alone. Consider joining our work and building our alliance supporters by helping in any way that best leverages your talents, interests, and passions. Together, we can make Decision Education accessible to every student in the United States, improving their lives and society.

To get your started, we have drafted 10 movement-building actions you can take today!


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Working with educators, supporters, and other organizations, we are making great strides every day! Don’t miss out on an event, update, new content, or chance to reapply what is shared by our experts and the community.


Participate, learn, support, enjoy!

We host and share a series of events throughout the year, from teacher workshops and parent webinars to fundraising and speaker events. We even have an annual poker tournament, tying together the fun of fast game play with the need for good decision-making. All of our events are aimed at building understanding, engagement, and community.

So don’t just sit there, join in!

Join Our Team

We need great people to help us do great work.

At the Alliance, we do impactful work in an inclusive, supportive, and collaborative culture. That means ideals such as empathy, intellectual humility, and continuous learning aren’t merely buzzwords.

So if you, or a talented person you know, are looking for a rewarding career rich with opportunities and supported by a team that really does care, look to us. The Alliance is committed to bringing on top talent who can help us do great things.

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