Johannes Siebert, Ph.D.

Professor of Decision Sciences with a Ph.D. in Multicriteria Decision-Making

"The only way to have control over your own life is through actively making decisions. The rest just happens."


  • MCI, The Entrepreneurial School, in Innsbruck, Austria: Professor of Decision Sciences and Supply Chain Management; Director of the MCI Research Lab, Smart Decisions
  • University of Bayreuth Faculty of Law and Economics: Lecturer
  • International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making: Executive Committee
  • The Section on Multiple Criteria Decision Making (INFORMS): Board Member
  • European Working Group of Behavioral Operations Research: Coordinating Board Member
  • Decision Analysis Journal: Editorial Board


  • Published in leading international journals, including Operations Research and European Journal of Operational Research


  • University of Bayreuth, Germany, Ph.D.

Johannes Siebert is a leading decision science researcher dedicated to showcasing the benefits of intentional and proactive decision-making.

A professor of decision sciences at MCI, The Entrepreneurial University, in Innsbruck, Austria, Johannes holds a Ph.D. in multicriteria decision-making. He also directs the MCI Research Lab, Smart Decisions.

Through his research, Johannes has demonstrated that good, proactive decision-making increases life satisfaction and that this skill can be taught. Recently, he was awarded a grant to develop and measure the impact of decision-making courses for German high school students who are deciding what to do after graduation. The initial results indicate that workshops on decision-making enhance the proactive cognitive skills and empower students for future decisions.

As a strategic consultant, Johannes worked to identify and structure the strategic objectives for a large European energy provider after Germany decided to phase out nuclear energy. He also worked with the United States Department of Defense to create effective procedures to protect civilians in the Middle East, United States, and Europe against the Islamic State (ISIS), by identifying their objectives as a terrorist organization.