Better decisions lead to better lives and a better society.

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If you’re an educator who’s interested in teaching Decision Education to your students, we welcome you to explore our instructional resources. These resources are designed for classroom implementation, but parents are also encouraged to use them to guide conversations about decision making with their children at home. All resources are available free-of-cost. 

Alliance for Decision Education Instructional Resources

Decision Education Fellowship

For Teachers

We are seeking middle and high school teachers interested in joining a Decision Education instructional resource development project. Selected teachers will work collaboratively to create critical thinking and decision making lessons that can be incorporated into core subjects. 

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Our blog provides Decision Education tips and resources to help students, teachers, and parents better understand how improving decision skills can improve lives. We amplify and celebrate Decision Education efforts from around the world, discuss decision skills and concepts, and debate how we can make Decision Education a reality for the next generation of students.

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Mindful Choices Icon

Mindful Choices

Grades: K-12

Decision Type: In-the-moment Choices

Mindful Choices is a Social and Emotional Learning program that helps students manage stress and anxiety, increase self-control, and sustain attention.

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HabitWise Icon


Grades: 7-10

Decision Type: Habits

When students dream about their careers and life goals, it’s important they understand how habits can turn their dreams into reality or simply get in the way. HabitWise helps middle and high school students achieve their goals by teaching them how to create and track beneficial habits and crush problematic habits.

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Burnout Blockers Icon

Burnout Blockers

For Teachers

Decision Type: In-the-moment, Habits, Deliberative

Our video series helps teachers manage stress and anxiety so they’re able to make better work-related decisions and increase happiness and longevity in the classroom. Burnout Blockers is a great supplement to college classes for pre-service teachers, new teacher induction programs, and self-directed professional development.

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Lesson Plan: Correlation vs. Causation

Grades: 9-12

Does Ice Cream Makes the Sun Shine?: A Lesson on Correlation vs. Causation

This lesson for high school math classes helps students understand the distinction between correlation and causation and how it can impact the decisions we make related to our physical health, wellbeing, and relationships.

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The Decision Education Podcast

As we enter the second half of 2020, it is becoming even more evident that making decisions based on sound evidence is crucial. But, we face a challenge of figuring out what is true and what to do about it. In this podcast, Dr. Joe Sweeney will interview guest to help you learn how to approach decisions thoughtfully and ultimately improve your life and the lives of future generations.




Latest Episode: 01 Annie Duke

Joe is joined by former professional poker player and best-selling  author and speaker Annie Duke for her insights about how we can become better decision makers, including how  she’s helping her own children  use “mental time travel” to cope with the uncertainty of the pandemic, how quitting can be part of a good decision making process, and how Decision Education can release us from analysis paralysis.


Previous Episodes

Episode 01: Annie Duke

When Annie Duke talks about helping young people become better decision makers for the long run, she doesn’t fall back on clichés about guiding them to the right path or making sure they stay out of trouble. Instead, Duke explain how students are better equipped to make decisions that improve their lives when they learn skills for “thinking in possibilities,” practicing open-mindedness, and embracing uncertainty.

Other Decision Education Instructional Resources

Delta Learns logo

Delta Learns

This website from the Delta School District includes various classroom tools for teaching students how to make wise choices.

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Decision Education Foundation logo

Decision Education Foundation

The Decision Education Foundation (DEF) wants to equip teens in communities everywhere with the decision tools to create a great future. Their website includes many Decision Education resources and programs, such as StrongStart, a week-long orientation program for incoming high school freshmen.

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PBS: Making Decisions with Probability

PBS's High School Statistics & Probability video collection explores the gathering and analysis of data, inferences and conclusions, and probabilistic thinking. The videos are aligned with Common Core and are a great resource for any teacher or parent trying to help their students or children think more probabilistically

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Project Look Sharp

Project Look Sharp is a nonprofit outreach program of Ithaca College with the mission of helping K-16 educators enhance students' critical thinking, metacognition, and civic engagement through media literacy materials and professional development. They offer over 450 free lessons, activities, and handouts that focus on media bias and credibility, sustainability, social justice, and enhancing online learning. 

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Maby App

Maby's forecasting app is a tool to practice probabilistic thinking. Using the app, a teacher can ask a question and students answer with a probabilistic forecast. Students get feedback on their calibration and forecast accuracy.

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School of Thought icon

School of Thought

The mission of the School of Thought is to teach the next generation how to think independently so that we can create a better world through reason and understanding. It is founded on the principle that we need to teach kids how to think rather than what to think, and is dedicated to providing effective and accessible resources to teachers, parents and students under Creative Commons licenses.

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