Ruth Lee

Public Policy Manager

Ruth Lee is the Public Policy Manager at the Alliance for Decision Education. She is an experienced educator and life-long advocate for education, racial, healthcare, and socioeconomic equity.

Prior to joining the Alliance, Ruth was a Policy Analyst at The Hunt Institute where she played a pivotal role in equipping elected officials and state executive leaders to make informed decisions that would benefit all students.

She previously worked for Senate President Bill Ferguson, presenting comprehensive policy research and contributing to the passage of impactful legislation in public health, higher education, and the economic well-being of all Maryland constituents. Ruth also served the Education Secretary, Dr. John King in his advocacy efforts for juvenile justice and restoration.

With a diverse education background, her experience spans across cultural, socioeconomic and geographical contexts reflecting her commitment to students. She has taught in Baltimore, Korea, and in the Middle East as an English Language Arts Teacher for elementary and middle school students.

Ruth holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Human Development from the University of California Davis. She also has a master’s degree in Education from Johns Hopkins University. She resides in Durham, North Carolina with her husband, and they spend most of their time reviving her dying plants.