Analyzing High Impact Decisions within Historical Fiction

  • Students will analyze the decision Eveline makes and the consequences of those decisions.
  • Students will reflect on the potential impact of a decision-making process and how it could have affected outcomes for Eveline.

Framing, clarifying values, generating options, gathering information, predicting, and reflection.

SD.1 – Identify and frame what a decision is and is not about

SD.2 – Clarify values and objectives

SD.3 – Generate and develop significantly different and criteria-aligned decision options

SD.4 – Gather and analyze information from multiple sources to evaluate decision options

SD.5 – Make predictions about the outcomes of each decision option

SD.6 – Explain and provide the rationale behind a decision

SD.7 – Reflect on and evaluate a decision-making process, and compare the quality of the process with the quality of the outcome

VAR.1 – Embrace decisions as opportunities

Unit Description

Students will be introduced to a decision-making process and decision-making pitfalls. They will apply this knowledge to analyze the short story “Eveline” from Dubliners, by James Joyce, and will have the opportunity to place themselves at the center of Eveline’s decision-making process.

Text: Joyce, James, 1882-1941. Dubliners. New York, N.Y.: New American Library, 1991.

This unit is based on lessons created by 2021-2022 Decision Education Fellow, Topher Bigelow, an English Language Arts teacher at the High School for Community Leadership in Queens, NY. We thank Topher for their hard work, insight, and expertise in developing this decision-making unit.

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