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Burnout Blockers

Stress Management for Teachers

The Burnout Blockers video series helps teachers manage their stress and anxiety so they’re able to make better work-related decisions and increase their happiness and longevity in the classroom. Burnout Blockers is a valuable supplement to college classes for pre-service teachers, seminars for student teacher cohorts, school districts’ new teacher induction programs, and self-directed professional development. The entire series is free-of-cost and available online.

New teachers can’t avoid the enormous amounts of work and social challenges that come with leading a classroom for the first time, but Burnout Blockers can help them make targeted adjustments to their mindset that prevent them from becoming overwhelmed. With a focus on bolstering teachers’ mental health, Burnout Blockers covers concepts from habit psychology, mindfulness, cognitive biases, and Decision Science to help teachers become more aware of how they plan class time, manage students’ behavior, and prioritize the behind-the-scenes work that keeps the classroom running effectively.

Burnout Blockers Video Topics

The entire Burnout Blockers video series is available on our YouTube channel, or select individual videos from the list below.

  1. Building Your Confidence as a New Teacher
  2. A Mindset to Prevent Burnout
  3. Hack Your Habit Loops to Reduce Stress
  4. Is Student Misbehavior Normal in Your Classroom?
  5. Plan Lessons Better with Premortems
  6. How to Prioritize Your Work as a Teacher
  7. Recap

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