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New $1,500 Research Scholarship Award Aims to Engage Graduate Students in Decision Education

November 14 deadline for Intent to Apply Form

The Decision Education Research Scholarship Award is open to current graduate students from any academic discipline and carries a $1,500 award to winning research papers that demonstrate insight and innovation in the growing field of Decision Education.

Winners will present their work at the Graduate Student Research Forum in Philadelphia in Spring 2023.


  • November 14, 2022: Interested applicants must complete
    and submit an Intent to Apply Form. 
  • January 16, 2023: Research Papers must be submitted.
    (Submission instructions to be shared with all intended applicants.)


About the Paper 

Research papers should add to and deepen the understanding of Decision Education. The research paper will focus on an area of Decision Education of the applicant’s choosing, and will serve to evaluate its application to student learning and outcomes.

The research paper can be:

  1. An analytical review of the literature on a topic or area of Decision Education.
  2. A report of an independent research study on a topic or area of Decision Education supported by data (quantitative or qualitative). 

The literature review paper should include a brief description of the focus area of Decision Education, a review of research outlining major findings and its connection to Decision Education, implications for student learning and outcomes, and suggestions for future research. The report of an independent research study should similarly include the previous components, in addition to sections on methods and results of data analysis.

  • The research paper should be prepared according to APA style.
  • Suggested length for the research paper is approximately 2000-3000 words
  • It must include citations and references to justify conclusions. 
  • Submissions will be evaluated based on the clarity of the literature review, depth of analysis, quality of scholarship, and the relevance to Decision Education. 

Two Virtual Information Sessions

The Alliance will host two information sessions aimed at helping graduate students learn more about Decision Education and / or determine a clearer direction for their papers. 

  • Virtual Info Session 1: October 18, 2022, 7pm EST | Zoom Link Meeting ID: 843 9833 2300, Passcode: 984457
  • Virtual Info Session 2: November 1, 2022, 7pm EST |  Zoom Link Meeting ID: 883 5543 6751, Passcode: 904278

Attendance is not required for award consideration. 

Anyone interested but unable to attend, or has additional questions can reach out to the Alliance Research Department at

Graduate Student Research Forum

The Graduate Student Research Forum, to be held Spring 2023 in Philadelphia, provides scholarship awardees an opportunity to get to know one another informally, as well as formally present and engage in a Q&A after each presentation. This opportunity will allow graduate students to practice scientific communication, as well as network with other emerging scholars with similar research interests. 

Attendance is expected for all award winners. Note: Virtual presentation options via Zoom are available in some circumstances,  i.e. international recipients, health reasons.  Requests for the virtual presentation option will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

All travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the Alliance.


All graduate students currently enrolled in a graduate-level degree program (masters or doctoral, part- or full-time) are eligible to apply.

What is Decision Education?

Decision Education is focused on teaching K-12 students the skills, concepts, and dispositions that will help them become effective decision-makers. Decision Education is a new and growing interdisciplinary field drawing on concepts from psychology, education, neuroscience, behavioral economics, and decision sciences.

The Alliance for Decision Education has highlighted four key Domains of Decision Education as:


To learn more about our Decision Education Domains and why we belive Decision Education is important, click here.



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