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Latest Podcast Episodes from the Alliance

  • Episode 029:

    Changing Minds in a Polarized World

    with David McRaney

    Why do people sometimes become more entrenched in their beliefs when they are challenged? In this episode, David McRaney, science journalist and creator of the [...]

  • Episode 028:

    Rethinking the Workplace

    with Dr. Adam Grant

    Can giving advice actually be more valuable than receiving it? In this episode, Dr. Adam Grant, organizational psychologist and world-renowned author, joins host Annie Duke, [...]

  • Episode 027:

    Too Many Choices

    with Dr. Sheena Iyengar

    Is more choice always better? Join us in conversation with Dr. Sheena Iyengar, a professor at Columbia Business School and an expert on choice, as [...]

  • Episode 026:

    Tuning Out the Noise

    with Dr. Cass Sunstein

    Do judges impose harsher sentences on Friday afternoons? In this episode, Dr. Cass Sunstein, law professor, former administrator of the White House Office of Information [...]

Recent Posts

  • 2023 Year-in-Review

    Explore the Alliance's impactful 2023 Year-in-Review, showcasing strides in Decision Education. From K-12 standards to podcasts, we celebrate growth, partnerships, and a commitment to empowering students.

  • Teachers engage in a discussion during an event.

    Decision-Making Tools in the Workplace: Postmortems

    In this edition of our "Decision-Making Tools in the Workplace" blog post series, learn more about how we conduct postmortems on our projects and initiatives.

  • Why I Give: An Interview with Alliance Board Member Simon Hallett

    Simon Hallett and his wife, Jane, are generous supporters of the Alliance’s mission. In the following Q&A session, Simon shares their reasons for getting involved.

  • Empowering Youth through Decision Education: The KLUGentscheiden! Initiative in Germany

    As part of its work as a field builder, the Alliance for Decision Education brings together individuals and organizations, within the United States and across the globe, with the common goal of advancing the field of Decision Education and making it a part of every student’s learning experience. One member of the Alliance for Decision Education’s Advisory Council, Professor Johannes Siebert of the Management Center Innsbruck, is currently spearheading an initiative to help German high school students make decisions about their careers and educational paths after graduation.


  • Decision Education K-12 Learning Standards Walkthrough

  • The Need for Decision Education

  • Thoughts on Decision Education with Daniel Kahneman and Annie Duke


  • Fall 2023

    In this edition of The Alliance Newsletter, you will find exciting updates about our latest Incubator initiative, recent blog posts and podcast episodes, and resources to learn more about the Decision Education movement.

  • Spring 2023

    In this edition of The Alliance Newsletter, you will find exciting updates about our work, opportunities to support our mission, and resources to learn more about the Decision Education movement.

  • Spring 2022

    Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Alliance is launching our third Decision Education Fellowship Program, open to middle and high school teachers across the United States.

  • August 2022

    With the support of our donors, we have launched a $30,000 grant opportunity for high schools seeking to bring Decision Education to their students by developing programs that help their juniors and seniors prepare for life after graduation.

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