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Latest Podcast Episodes from the Alliance

  • Episode 021:

    Fear, Freedom, and Financial Decision-Making

    with Morgan Housel

    What drives bad financial decisions when a crisis hits? Morgan Housel, award-winning author and expert on the psychology of financial decision-making, joins your host, Dr. [...]

  • Episode 020:

    The Science of Changing Course

    with Dr. Jennifer Lerner

    How can celebrating failure make us more successful? Tenured Harvard Professor and former Chief Decision Scientist in the U.S. Navy, Dr. Jennifer Lerner, joins your [...]

  • Episode 019:

    How Champions Adapt

    with Mellody Hobson

    How can we get better at receiving negative feedback? Mellody Hobson, Co-CEO and President at Ariel Investments and Chair of the Board of Starbucks, joins [...]

  • Episode 018:

    Keeping Calm in a Crisis

    with Ryan Holiday

    What can we learn from ancient civilizations that can help us make better decisions today? Ryan Holiday, bestselling author and host of The Daily Stoic [...]

Recent Posts

  • Alliance for Decision Education Celebrates Student Researchers for Their Work in Decision Education

    The Alliance for Decision Education today announced the celebration and forum held on May 16 for the sixteen graduate student recipients of the Decision Education Research Scholarship Award. Over the course of eight months, graduate students from universities worldwide submitted research papers that demonstrated insight and innovation in the field of Decision Education.

  • Alliance for Decision Education Bolsters Its Board and Advisory Council with New Members

    The Alliance for Decision Education, a national nonprofit organization leading the movement to have decision-making skills taught in K-12 schools, today announced that it has expanded its distinguished group of Board and Advisory Council members.

  • The Decision Education K-12 Learning Standards: An Overview

    In collaboration with educators and researchers, we are excited to publish the first edition of the Decision Education K-12 Learning Standards.  As we work to ensure that Decision Education is a part of every student’s learning experience, these Standards can provide a comprehensive framework for students to develop effective decision-making skills and dispositions from elementary school through high school. 

  • The Alliance for Decision Education Publishes the Inaugural Decision Education Research Agenda

    The Research Agenda is an important step in building a base of evidence and knowledge for the field of Decision Education.


  • Decision Education K-12 Learning Standards Walkthrough

  • The Need for Decision Education

  • The Reason For and Value of Decision Education


  • Spring 2022

    Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Alliance is launching our third Decision Education Fellowship Program, open to middle and high school teachers across the United States.

  • August 2022

    With the support of our donors, we have launched a $30,000 grant opportunity for high schools seeking to bring Decision Education to their students by developing programs that help their juniors and seniors prepare for life after graduation.

  • November 2021

    In the spirit of the season, we are sharing our November newsletter with a warm thank you.

  • October 2021

    As we dive headlong into a new school year, we wanted to share the following tips from our Decision Education Library.

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