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Building a foundation for decision-making at home.

If I had just one gift to give my children, it would be the gift of knowing how to make sound judgments and good decisions.

Because with that, so much else will fall into place.

Javier Moreno
New Jersey father of three

Family resources

At the Alliance, we are working toward the day when Decision Education is part of every student’s learning experience. Every child. Every class. Every school.

We know this will change lives; we believe it will change society.

Until that day, there is so much that we—as parents, caregivers, people with young children in our lives—can do now to help students develop these skills.

Below, we share stories, examples, and resources to help support decision-making skill development in our children that will help them today, and every day for the rest of their lives.

We give special thanks to the Society of Decision Professionals, parents, and other experts who helped bring much of this content to life, for us all.

Pearls of wisdom

Blending warmth, humor, and professional perspective, Pearl Gross shares her own family stories to highlight how decision-making skills can help shape young lives. Pearl is a Professional Development Consultant who specializes in Decision Coaching, and is a mother of three.

Applying decision-making in real life

Decision-making skills really do help shape outcomes, satisfaction, and the all-important feeling of having agency over your life’s direction. Read how these skills apply and impact everyday situations–both small decisions, and those with long-term impact.

Teaching our children

Sometimes teaching is a blend of both what and when. Families from all over share the impact of introducing decision-making moments with their children.

As someone who ‘stumbled upon’ decision science later in life, I have reflected on the gap in my education and the importance of these skills for my kids.

I have been trying to help my children think about decisions as opportunities with the broader objective being to empower them to develop decision-making as a skill, and because I hope it instills in them the comfort of talking through difficult choices (especially with their parents!).

Brendon L. Keinath
Member of the Society of Decision Professionals, Leader of Development Planning & Design at Exxon Mobil, and father of three

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