Better decisions lead to better lives and a better society.

Madeline Mauboussin


Madeline is a 2019 graduate of Georgetown University, where the focus of her studies were Psychology, Cognitive Science, and Art. She also interned at The Learning and Development Lab at Georgetown and helped conduct research in the relationship between language acquisition and language structure.

Madeline is particularly interested in decision making and cognition. She has enjoyed learning about hardwired brain mechanisms in humans and how those mechanisms can affect behavior, thinking, and decision making.

While at Georgetown, she was on an advisory board that allocated funds to support social justice organizations on campus. She was also a member of GU’s Mental Health Policy Coalition, which helps create effective mental health policies for the school. Madeline was also involved in Project Lighthouse, a program that supports students struggling with mental health issues and promotes mental health awareness. Madeline grew up in Darien, CT and is the middle child of a family with five kids. She is an animal lover, and enjoys reading, photography, traveling, hiking, and movies in her free time.



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