Better decisions lead to better lives and a better society.

Madeline Anderson

Research Senior Associate

Madeline is a Senior Research Associate at the Alliance for Decision Education, working to help advance research on students’ decision-making by collating and disseminating existing research and driving new research.  

Madeline brings extensive experience utilizing both qualitative and quantitative research methods including survey design, survey distribution, data collection, data cleaning, data analysis, data visualization, and report writing and scientific communication.

She also has experience working directly with students as a volunteer after-school program facilitator. Madeline is passionate about school-based programming and interventions targeted at promoting adaptive development, especially among vulnerable populations.

Madeline holds a B.S. from Penn State University in Biology with a Psychology minor, and an M.S. Ed. in Human Development from the University of Pennsylvania. In her free time, she enjoys running, hiking with her dog, reading, and spending time with friends.



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