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Victoria Gray

Victoria Gray

Victoria Gray has built her career around education reform. As founder of the nonprofit organization Student Achievement & Advocacy Services, she believes, “Planting the seeds of inspiration will energize students throughout their careers.” SAAS’s primary program, Adventures of the Mind, is focused on pairing talented teens with today’s great thinkers and doers for action, exploration, and idea exchange. Often referred to as, “TED for teens,” this week-long leadership and mentoring camp brings together promising students from all backgrounds, exposing them to the lessons and inspiration that will inform their bright futures. In addition to her efforts in the nonprofit sector, Victoria Gray is also the creating founder of Take on Money, a finance capability and literacy course for students of all ages.

Having earned master’s degrees in both finance and law, Victoria has always seen the benefit of exposing the mind to various areas of discipline. She has found that growth and innovation happens from the synergy of ideas and by looking at a problem from a different perspective. Her career is built around the limitless value of mentorship—the gentle guidance from those who have already learned the hard lessons and want to share.

Victoria has most recently taken her dedication one step further by joining the board of the Alliance for Decision Education. Having created numerous programs that harness the value of connecting people through learning, Victoria Gray sees the need to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow, which will inevitably be governed by the youth of today.



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