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Barbara Mellers

Barbara is the I. George Heyman University Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, teaching in both the Marketing Department at Wharton and the Psychology Department in the School of Arts and Sciences. Prior to joining Penn, Barbara spent a decade as Professor of Marketing and Organizational Behavior at University of California, Berkeley, before which she spent six years as a Professor of Psychology at Ohio State University.

Barbara earned her BA in Psychology from UC Berkeley, and her MA and PhD in Psychology from the University of Illinois. Her specific areas of research include Behavioral Decision Theory, Emotions, Fairness, Preference Measurement and Policy Implications. 

In Barbara’s own words, "I am interested in how people develop beliefs, formulate preferences, and arrive at choices, I have focused on human decisions that deviate from rational or normative principles due to fairness concerns, anticipated emotions, contextual effects, or response mode effects. I use laboratory studies to manipulate and control variables that inform us about underlying processes. I am also interested in how behavioral decision making can shape better public policy."

Barbara sits on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and is the former President and Executive Board Member of the Judgment and Decision Making Society. She has won numerous prestigious awards, and authored or contributed to scores of publications.



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