Because our mission matters, every supporter makes a difference.

How we started, how we’ve grown, why your help matters

We were launched by two visionaries and supported by a handful of angel investors who provided multi-year commitments of seed funding to allow proof of concept initiatives and to begin building a team of experienced leaders.

These early investments provided the time necessary to establish a Development Office and program to develop robust and ongoing funding.

Today, we are proud to have growing financial support from individuals and foundations, and to have engaged new leadership donors who have prioritized helping us advance and accelerate our work. We also are expanding our base of support at all giving levels to build a pipeline for sustained philanthropic revenue.

Decision Education is rooted in decades of research and six years of proven results. The skills Decision Education brings to life for students are clearly needed, and must become a part of our educational system. The question is how long will it take? With your support, we will get there faster.

The Alliance for Decision Education is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible. 100% of our funds go directly to advancing our mission of making Decision Education part of every student’s learning experience.

Requests for the Alliance’s IRS Form 990 should be submitted to

If there was ever a moonshot that I felt like I really wanted to be involved in, it would be improving the decision-making in our youth.

Annie Duke,
Alliance Co-Founder, Best-Selling Author, and Decision-Making Coach

“Our lives depend on our own decisions as well as those made by others. The Alliance is fueled by the optimism that teaching decision-making skills will empower students and, in turn, benefit our entire society. The Alliance is both an ambitious and humble bet on the next generation of decision makers.”

Sam Barnett, an Alliance Board member, and his wife Ali, of Chicago, are both donors

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