Better decisions lead to better lives and a better society.

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Helping Expand the Reach and Impact of Decision Education

The Alliance is committed to creating opportunities for students, schools, and districts who see the potential and power of Decision Education and seek to learn more, execute skill-development, and help build understanding for broader implementation. Through grants and special funding opportunities, we aim to make Decision Education accessible to all students.

Our mission at the Alliance is to make Decision Education, which is the teaching and learning of skillful judgment formation and decision-making, part of every student’s learning experience.

Current Funding Opportunities

A College & Career Decision-Making Incubator for High Schools

In high schools all across the country, students struggle with the life-altering decision about what to do after graduation. Our focus at the Alliance is to equip every student with the skills and dispositions that will enable them to clearly evaluate options, assess their values, avoid thinking pitfalls, and tap into other essential skills that will enable them to make the best decisions for themselves and their futures.

The Decision-Making Incubator is both a grant and learning opportunity for high schools who have an interest in bringing Decision Education to their students. The goal of the Incubator is for schools to design projects that impact the way students make decisions about life after graduation, which can eventually be shared with a national audience.

The Opportunity

Each school joins the Incubator for 18 months—and appoints a small team of 3-5 staff to lead the work—taking part in professional development, working with an Alliance coach, developing their project and implementing it with students. Schools accepted into the Incubator receive:

  • $30K in flexible funding to support all aspects of the project, from professional development time to planning and student implementation
  • 15-20 coaching days from an Alliance Education Manager
  • Access to our asynchronous Intro to Decision Education online course for educators, with coaching support
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities with other schools in the Incubator
  • Alliance support and guidance about assessing the success and impact of the project
  • Opportunities for media coverage including school highlights, as well as teacher and student stories and case studies

The Requirements

Incubator schools are required to:

  • Designate a team of 3-5 people, made up of at least one school administrator, and a combination of college and/or guidance counselors and teachers to lead the work.
  • Agree to have each team member participate in professional learning about Decision Education, and meet with the Alliance coach throughout the duration of the grant.
  • Be committed, as a team, to design and implement a year-long project that will teach students key decision-making skills.
  • Be committed to documenting your team's learning process, as well as the student experience, to share with other Incubator schools and the Alliance.

Project Ideas

The Alliance will work with each selected school to help shape their idea into a project based on the school’s needs, goals, and community context. Some examples of Incubator projects might include:

  • Developing a new course, elective, or initiative for 10th or 11th-grade students
  • Revamping an existing advisory or subject-area course, elective, or initiative
  • Integrating Decision Education concepts and skills into an existing advisory course, elective, or initiative
  • Other types of student programming and ideas are welcomed and encouraged

To Apply

In our inaugural year, we seek to support a small and diverse set of high schools—we invite applications from public, parochial, and independent schools from across the country.  

The application portal will open August 22, 2022 and close October 7, 2022

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