Better decisions lead to better lives and a better society.

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Decision Education Fellowship

The Decision Education Fellowship is a highly selective program including top-performing teachers from across the country who are interested in better preparing their students for tomorrow’s fast-changing world by teaching them how to improve their decision-making.

  • Fellows are trained by Alliance experts on the key aspects of Decision Education and the skills critical to improved decision-making.
  • Then, they work with the Alliance and each other on lesson plans, strategies, and best-practice approaches to bring Decision Education to life in their classrooms.

Teachers remain connected throughout the one-year Fellowship – and beyond – to help each other and future Fellows.

Fellows are chosen through a selective application process.

Our Fellows are leading the way as we strive to make Decision Education part of every student’s learning experience, empowering them with the skills to systematically examine information and take action on decisions that impact their learning, their communities, and the future.

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Bringing Decision Education to Life in the Classroom




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