Sponsorship Spotlight: First Round Capital

October 3rd, 2022

The Alliance is thrilled to have the support of First Round Capital as a Presenting Sponsor of our Virtual Poker Tournament—our featured fundraiser this year. Our mission to empower K-12 students with essential decision-making skills and dispositions is undoubtedly strengthened by First Round’s generosity.

Founded by Josh Kopelman and Howard Morgan in 2004, First Round is a seed-stage venture capital firm providing funding and valuable guidance to early-stage technology companies including Uber, Honeycomb, Birchbox, Notion, and GumRoad.

A few years ago, the firm started to see the value of continuous improvements to their investment decision-making process, which was prone to bias and noise. Once they recognized these pitfalls, they looked to decision science to design internal systems and rubrics that reduced their impact.

Sharing our belief that confident, thoughtful decision-making can be taught at an early age (or early stage!), the team at First Round began supporting our mission in 2020. Through their generous support, and that of many other donors, the Alliance is developing and launching initiatives to advance and accelerate our work in the education, research, and community and partnership arenas.

First Round Capital is proud to be the Presenting Sponsor of the Alliance Virtual Poker Tournament and to support the Alliance's efforts to teach vital decision-making skills to students nationwide. Our company has seen firsthand the value of examining and improving decision-making processes, and we believe Decision Education can have a tremendous impact on our youth and society. We are excited about the event and the opportunity to support this important cause.

We are grateful for First Round’s commitment to making a positive and lasting impact in the lives of students.

Interested in attending the Virtual Poker Tournament? Tickets are still available!

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