Alliance for Decision Education Introduces Second Decision Education Incubator: Exploring Decision-Making Through Media Literacy

September 11th, 2023

Program Provides Middle Schools with up to $25,000 to Develop and Implement Scalable Media Literacy Instructional Models

PHILADELPHIA, Pa., September 11, 2023—The Alliance for Decision Education (the Alliance), a national nonprofit organization leading the movement to have decision-making be part of every student’s learning experience, is pleased to announce that applications are now open for its latest initiative, the Decision Education Incubator: Exploring Decision-Making Through Media Literacy. This program provides middle school staff and educators with guidance and resources for designing and piloting innovative instructional models focusing on the interconnectedness of media literacy and Decision Education. The goal is for these models to eventually be shared with schools across the country for implementation.

Each middle school accepted into the Incubator will receive $25,000 over an 18-month period. This funding will support schools as they assemble teams of staff members to drive project creation, engage in professional development sessions, implement their pilot instructional models, and share student feedback and impact. School teams receive support throughout the program, including personalized coaching, instruction in Decision Education, and collaboration with other schools in the Incubator Network.

“Today’s middle school students are in the process of shaping their identities and values and experiencing greater independence while being bombarded with an abundance of information, advertisements, and social media content designed to influence their perspectives,” said Abby Sheffer, Education Senior Manager at the Alliance. “Together, media literacy and Decision Education can equip students with the skills and dispositions to understand and analyze information, as well as decide what to do with it. We believe that this opportunity will help students become more proficient decision makers who are better able to navigate intricate social issues.”

Applications for the Decision Education Incubator open September 11 and close October 20. School acceptance announcements are scheduled for late November.

For comprehensive details on this opportunity and to access the application, visit

About the Alliance

The Alliance for Decision Education is a national nonprofit and field builder leading the growing call to have Decision Education taught in schools across the country. Founded in 2014 and backed by experts in decision science and education, including several Nobel laureates, the Alliance believes that better decisions lead to better lives and a better society.

The Alliance is working with teachers, academic and business leaders, families, and community members to raise awareness and improve lives by empowering students with essential skills and dispositions for making better decisions.

For more information about the Alliance for Decision Education, please visit the website at, or connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.


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Duane Brozek
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