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  • Annie Duke Explains Essential Skills for Becoming a Better Decision Maker

    Duke explained in a conversation with Joe Sweeney, Executive Director of the Alliance for Decision Education, how students are better equipped to make decisions that improve their lives when they learn skills for “thinking in possibilities,” practicing...

  • Help Students Fine-Tune Their Habits During Social Distancing

    Help your middle or high school students better understand the shifts in their habits they’re experiencing during social distancing with free lesson resources.

  • Ad Astra Middle School Students Explore the Psychology of Decision Making

    On the SpaceX campus, middle school students use experiments and discussion to explore how our minds handle decision making.

  • How to Talk About Second-Order Consequences with Your Teen Right Now: A Letter from Our Executive Director

    Some parents and teachers already make a point of talking about consequences with students. My own mother had me write several compositions on the topic during my middle school years, but let’s save that for a different conversation, perhaps one with a...

  • Good Judgment Makes a Difference: A Letter from Our Executive Director

    At the heart of good decision making is judgment.

  • Five Questions with Joe Sweeney, Executive Director of the Alliance for Decision Education

    Q: Did your interest in decision skills happen gradually or all at once?

  • Gray Area Thinking: A Way to Help Struggling Students Self-Advocate

    When a student’s black-and-white thinking about your class sounds defeatist, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t care.

  • 6 Low-Pressure Tips for Helping Your Child Decide Where to Apply to College

    If you’re helping your child decide where to apply to college, it can seem like the process is going well as long as you’re not arguing about it. However, it takes more than avoiding conflict with one another to make the best choices. The following tips...

  • To Help Students Prepare for Assessments, Teach Them This Decision Skill

    Common cognitive biases can prevent students from getting fully prepared for assessments. Teach them how to construct if-then planning statements that will help them resist cognitive biases so they stay on track.

  • Help Your Child Use Decision Skills to Select a College Major

    Selecting a college major is one decision that can be an especially stressful experience for adolescents and the family members who support them because it can have life-changing consequences. These decision skills can help you work with your child on a...

  • Want to Help Your Students Achieve Their Dreams? Start with Their Habits

    Teachers can help students understand that success doesn’t usually come from a single choice, but rather from the cumulative effects of repeated behaviors.

  • Strong Executive Function Skills Improve Learning and Decision-Making

    BrainFutures, the first national organization to develop a rubric that assesses the quality of school-based brain fitness interventions, advocates for every school to adopt a program that strengthens students’ executive functioning (EF).

  • Want to Start a Classroom Mindfulness Practice? Read These 6 Tips First

    If you’ve been thinking about incorporating mindfulness activities into your classroom routine, read our tips before you try that first breathing exercise.

  • High School Psychology Course Helps Students Use Decision Skills to Improve Well-being

    Educators have the opportunity to pilot an engaging Practical Psychology course featuring tools and strategies for making better decisions.

  • 5 YouTube Videos That Will Help Your Students Make Better Decisions

    You don’t have to wait until your students are facing a big decision to introduce Decision Education resources. The videos included in this post expose the hidden influences on our judgments and decisions. Students will learn a handful of strategies from...

  • School Initiatives Going Nowhere Fast? Try Premortems

    Want to stop the cycle of initiative fatigue? Ask your administrators to work with teachers to conduct premortems.

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