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  • Celebrating the Season with a Sincere ‘Thank You!’

    In the spirit of the season, we are sharing our November newsletter with a warm thank you.

    As deeply as we understand the criticality of our […]

  • Retired U.S. Navy Vice Admiral and a PayPal Executive latest to Join Alliance for Decision Education Board

    Each say decision-making skills are fundamental and critically needed PHILADELPHIA, November 10, 2021 – The Alliance for Decision Education has added a retired U.S. Navy Vice Admiral and a PayPal Executive to its list of distinguished Board members...

  • Decision Education Tips for a Banner Year—for Parents and Teachers

    As we dive headlong into a new school year, we wanted to share the following tips from our Decision Education Library. Our hope is that they help both students and teachers in the Alliance family reach – and exceed – personal goals for success.

  • Harvard Study: Decision-Skilled Employees in Demand and Paid More in Rapidly Changing Workforce

    A new study shows us that our students are not prepared to be successful in a dynamic workplace that demands critical, analytical, and skilled decision-making abilities.

  • Business Icon John Pepper and Browns GM Andrew Berry Join Alliance Board

    We are honored and humbled to announce the addition of two high-profile leaders, to our Board, expanding the Alliance’s already impressive list of supporters, advisors, and partners. John E. Pepper, retired President, CEO and Chairman of the Procter...

  • Thank you, Mrs. Kasmer and Every Teacher, Everywhere

    My fourth-grade math teacher, Mrs. Kasmer always had books in the corner of her classroom. They were never assigned, just waiting invitingly for some curious child to pick one up and open a new world. There were word puzzles and number puzzles, puns,...

  • Exclusive and Personal, Daniel Kahneman Talks to Us About Noise

    Our own Daniel Kahneman has unlocked yet another facet of the mind that impacts decision-making. Kahneman, a Nobel Laureate and member of our Alliance Advisory Council, offered the Alliance an exclusive preview of his new book, due to hit the shelves May...

  • Stanford Study Confirms What We Already, Painfully, Know: Today’s Youth Struggle In Deciding What Is Fact versus Fiction

    Our colleagues at the Stanford History Education Group just completed another compelling national study that showcases, again, that our youth are drowning in their inability to determine “what is true” and thus make good decisions based on what they see..

  • Your Decisions, Llama-Powered Cement Mixers, and the Lever to Ultimate Freedom

    Many of us view decision making processes as something we engage in just to solve a problem so we can return our world to the status quo as rapidly as possible. It can be a stressful, negative, and unsatisfying experience.

  • Clarity4Action Enhances Programming with Student-Directed Cognitive Bias Video

    To genuinely grasp new decision-making skills, students need to be encouraged to make decisions about activities and issues that matter to them, believe Amy Day and Kristen Jawad, co-founders and facilitators of the Seattle-area nonprofit Clarity4Action...

  • Annie Duke Explains Essential Skills for Becoming a Better Decision Maker

    Duke explained in a conversation with Joe Sweeney, Executive Director of the Alliance for Decision Education, how students are better equipped to make decisions that improve their lives when they learn skills for “thinking in possibilities,” practicing...

  • Help Students Fine-Tune Their Habits During Social Distancing

    Help your middle or high school students better understand the shifts in their habits they’re experiencing during social distancing with free lesson resources.

  • Ad Astra Middle School Students Explore the Psychology of Decision Making

    On the SpaceX campus, middle school students use experiments and discussion to explore how our minds handle decision making.

  • How to Talk About Second-Order Consequences with Your Teen Right Now: A Letter from Our Executive Director

    Some parents and teachers already make a point of talking about consequences with students. My own mother had me write several compositions on the topic during my middle school years, but let’s save that for a different conversation, perhaps one with a...

  • Good Judgment Makes a Difference: A Letter from Our Executive Director

    At the heart of good decision making is judgment.

  • Five Questions with Joe Sweeney, Executive Director of the Alliance for Decision Education

    Q: Did your interest in decision skills happen gradually or all at once?

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